Mar. 3rd, 2012 01:00 pm
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 My subject lines have been so woefully bad lately, sorry.

My first free weekend in over a month! Hooray!! I finished up the RPM Challenge: 

CD cover: A faded book is open, we are looking at the cover. A woman's face is behind the book, most of her face is covered but her eyes are seen peeking out from over the top. The front of the book reads "Love and other fairy tales" the back of the book has "girl named sam" in small faded letters in the corner.

I'll be obsessively redoing going through all the mixes in the next few weeks and then posting them once they're all nice and shiny. It was fun as usual, but also a constant reminder of how busy things are without adding 20 or so original songs in there.

Things have been so busy that I didn't see Brooks for more than an hour total (not counting the 3 or 4 hours we're asleep at the same time) Tuesday-Thursday. He alternates REALLY EARLY shifts (waking up about 3:45 am) and REALLY LATE shifts (home between 11:30 and midnight) so we've been going stretches at a time without getting to do more than send a text and see a lump in the bed and confirm that they really do still exist. It was like a long distance relationship--I saw him long enough on Thursday morning to kiss him and say, "I miss you. I guess I'll see you on Saturday?" before heading out the door.  But by yesterday I couldn't take it anymore so I stayed up really late last night and waited up for him, then we caught up on all our TV for the week on Hulu, which was extremely nice.

Today will be a fantastic day! Rollerskating in the park with Sierra and then hopefully some bento later. I want to clean out the garage too (yes, nothing makes me happier than having enough free time to clean and cook YAY OBSESSIVE ORGANIZATION!) but I realized I'm out of allergy medicine so we'll see how that goes.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
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 Anybody among my friends who would desire winning as much as I if not more wanna click here and help me win Korra stuffs? Please?

Join the Korra Nation

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Me: Did you find those uniforms I put in the closet for you?
Brooks: ...huh?
Me: The uniforms you needed ironed. Did you find them? 
Brooks: Oh, uniforms?
Me: Yes.
Brooks: Oh, for some reason I thought you said "unicorns".
Me: ...how does that even make sense?
Brooks: It doesn't. I found the uniforms. Thanks.
Me: ...so you didn't find the unicorn I put in there?

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cut for random emotions and family )

Sorry for the strange, rambling, emotional word-vomit. I'll have a more update-ish post later.


Feb. 8th, 2012 05:01 pm
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RPM Challenge has been going pretty well. I had a pretty rough time of it last year but this year it feels comfortable and familiar again and I'm truly enjoying it. I've got 3 songs done for my album and 4 songs done for Clever Things, which is a band I have with an electro-synth musician from Portland. I need to remember to mass-spam everyone later.

I searched all over for basket weaving supplies but I couldn't find anything locally that would work so I've just finished placing an order online that will hopefully be here by the middle of next week. It was weird how just looking at some of the materials online brought everything back to me and I discovered I remembered almost all the measurements by heart (which [personal profile] arcanelegacy  had told me would happen but shuuuush). I'm really excited to teach the kids and excited to start weaving again in general. The supplies were much cheaper than I'd expected (my mom always ordered her reeds in MASSIVE quantities so I'm not used to seeing the price of normal, single-person orders) so this might be something I pick up again regularly.

...ya know. Because I clearly don't have enough hobbies as it is.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but the Sharon Creech book "Granny Torelli Makes Soup" was a giant disappointment. I am calling this a mulligan, as I adored her older books, but still. For my first Braille book I was really hoping for something more enjoyable. I can't even go into the synopsis of the book as literally NOTHING HAPPENS and trying to explain what little happens just makes the book seem even more awful (or maybe as awful as it actually was) so we'll just forget it never happened, k?

Got a new book called "I See the Moon" which so far is much, MUCH better. Also, my classroom teacher offered to let me borrow some of her books as she has single-sided Braille (which is a lot easier to read for someone who does it visually like me), so maybe in the future I'll be able to read faster.

Missed ASL class last week because I got a migraine and ended up sleeping all afternoon so I'm hoping I won't be too far behind tonight. We had a combined blind/deaf elementary field trip last Friday though and I did pretty well with the kids during our picnic lunch so that gave me some confidence :D

In other news, THE AVENGERS. I squeal in excitement over this movie almost every single night, I am not ashamed to say. May 4th can't get here soon enough!


Jan. 31st, 2012 09:55 pm
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It's funny how the "supposed to be normal" days always end up being the ones that are the craziest.  We had science fair projects to do today, which is always a little more chaos than normal. The music teacher ended up going home sick so I was music teacher at the last minute. Then some of the kids/teachers had a special meeting come up so I was math teacher for a little bit too. Then the art teacher tells me she remembers me mentioning that my family weaves baskets and she volunteered me to do a demonstration at Frontier Day in two weeks. And maybe teach some of the kids too.

...I haven't woven a basket in several years.  But still, she's right that I'm interested in this. Apparently they've been looking for staff who would be willing to teach the kids some new crafts on the occasional after-school period and if it worked out for next year it'd be extra money doing something fun (and without having to drive anywhere extra!) so I'm all for it! 

So this weekend will be hunting around Tucson for basket-weaving supplies. Then studying my old baskets to get the measurements and amounts of reeds I'll need. And THEN possibly making a sort of wooden spacer so that it's easier for the kids to set up their frame. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Please please PLEASE let this work out well!

Tomorrow starts the RPM Challenge and I'm excited to start recording! I already have about 5 songs written up and ready to go! Also tomorrow is ASL class again so wheee another full day ahead!

For now it's plum wine and some relaxation.
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Had a few rough blips in the weekend but nothing I feel like fussing over today (or ever? I'm master of "LOL I'M JUST GOING TO BURY THIS AND LET IT FESTER K?" so who knows).

Great day at school. The weather's been stellar the last two days and is expected to only get better. I might actually try jogging outside on the weekend if it holds up, since I am a complete pansy when it comes to any sort of not-warm weather.

I was chatting with one of the kids while we were jogging around the track for P.E. warmup and I was trying to explain what a comic book was but I don't think I did a very good job of it (or maybe there is no good way to explain a comic book? I dunno). But ah well, she was at least polite enough about it :P

Speaking of my kiddos and their adorableness, have another fantastic quote of today:

Teacher (reading from a storybook): "...and so they walked to the old stockyard--"
Girl 1: "What's a stockyard?"
Girl 2: "It's a person that follows you around all the time."
Teacher: "...um, I think you're thinking of a stalker. This is a stockyard."
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Someone please tell me why I can't get to sleep before 11:30 on weekdays (when I have to be up at 5 a.m.), but on my FRIDAY OF FREEDOM I take a nap at 3 and still pass out at 9 p.m. 

Body, you suck. I can never get those hours of free time back ;_;
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 I've been trying to warm myself up for the RPM Challenge this year, coming up in just 8 days! 2011 was a really unproductive musical year for me and I'm feeling a little nervous about this year's stuff but I guess I'll hope for the best and see what happens?

The kids had fun yesterday with the little Chinese New Year activity I did. One of the teachers was SUPER nice and let me derail her social studies lesson to do it so that was awesome. Everyone loved their Chinese zodiac cards and their red envelopes with dimes inside. It completely boggles my mind that it cost me approximately $3.10 to do the whole thing and they acted like I'd thrown them a party <3

Tonight is finishing my Braille book (no, really, I am not sleeping until I finish this damn book) and studying for tomorrow's ASL class, and finishing some spare songs.


In sad, whining news, my camera lens has stopped working. Calling technical support tomorrow and seeing if I can reset it or if I need to send it in for repair. We got warranty coverage for it like crazy so really, I'm just irked that I've only had it 2 months now (and double-irked because there are 2840239 things I wanted to take pictures of ;_;).

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Great week. Fantastic week. Have I mentioned how spoiled rotten I am at the Elementary School? 

We've pretty much had a special event every day this week, including (but not limited to) petting reptiles from the Desert Museum, visiting chamber orchestra performance, and a traveling troupe that takes students' stories/poems and turns them into short plays. Five of the kiddos got their writing turned into skits. One of the littlest boys had written a really short story about having something gross stuck to the bottom of his shoe. The acting troupe turned it into this giant musical number (a la the Chicago song, "Cell Block Tango") and when they started singing/tapdancing he went absolutely nuts with glee <3

Today was the therapeutic farm animal group coming and visiting. Also, it's up to 70 degrees here. Literally, sunshine and bunnies today (and miniature donkeys, calves, chickens, and goats).

Went to the first ASL class and it was way better than I thought it'd be. I ended up getting really anxious about it that day because I found out the other new aides at the school weren't going to make it that night but luckily Brooks talked me into going (ie: reminded me how I'd beat myself up over it if I skipped it) and I'm glad he did. This year they split up the intermediate/beginner level groups so that really helped. Also, we're not allowed to use voice at all during the class so it's actually really calm and peaceful which is super nice (probably the most calm part of my week, to be honest). It's still slow-going (like any new language) but I feel really good about it. The only thing that has me still a little worried is that I really like the teacher so far, but they're in the process of changing teachers (WHYYYYYY) so we'll see how that goes.

Prepping stuff for Monday, when I'm going to be doing a little treat for the kids for Chinese New Year. Doing some Braille cards so the kids can find which Chinese zodiac year they were born in, and got some festive New Year envelopes to give them all some pennies in. I love that they're the age that pennies are still a big deal <3 There was a big sign on the asian mart door saying they'd be performing a dragon dance next weekend so I'm super excited to take Sierra to that.

In other news, my mother-in-law sent me Science Ink, the book of science-inspired tattoos I'd been squealing over ever since I read the article about it online. SO. AMAZING. I want damn near every single tattoo in here--and I don't even LIKE the idea of me getting a tattoo. Just so pretty *swoon*

How's everyone else doing?

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I really suck at posting and replying lately. I read entries, then get distracted by other things. I open the post box and then get distracted by other things.

I get distracted a LOT lately.

My sleep schedule is starting to get really messed up (is still messed up? I don't know how to classify it since I've always had insomnia problems) so I'm going to be trying to limit internet shenanigans for a while. My goal is to do about 20-60 minutes of internet a day, which might still seem like a lot but we don't have any cable/tv so I have to go at least an hour just to watch an episode of something online ;_;

The 100th Anniversary kickoff went well. Got some adorable pics of the kids (that I don't think I can post so I guess you'll have to take my word for it). I'm hoping to have my camera on hand for the field trips and events for the rest of the semester so that'll be great for a scrapbook for parents at the end of the year I hope.

But here's a little article/picture about the celebration! My kiddos aren't in that picture--we didn't walk back with the parade because it went right through their lunchtime (and 3 miles is hard enough for little legs when you're not starving too) but oh well, it was a fun time at the ceremony at least.

ASL classes start tomorrow night, so I'm pretty excited about that, as well as pretty nervous. I guess we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck?

In other new, I've been doing a lot of bento. A LOT of bento.

cut for cut food <3 )

I've been in crazy food art moods lately. I literally got halfway through recreating the Mona Lisa out of food and then just decided to toss it because I was suddenly unhappy/uninterested (FYI, it was some bits of romaine, corn tortilla, and some pieces of seaweed or I would've eaten it :P). I'm thinking about trying an "Alphabet Series" like I've seen so many artists do, because it would really make me focus on one thing at a time (instead of agonizing forever over what to make, how to make it, etc. etc. etc.). I'll FORCE MY STUPID HOBBY ON YOU let you know when I decide I guess?

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 I've been awful at updating, I know, I know. It's like I can't keep up with more than two or three internet areas at a time (and I've actually started acting like a real live human being on Tumblr and DeviantArt again) so sorry about the absence.

At this rate I'm going to end up finishing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge sometime this summer :(

ANYWAY. The last week of winter break was good. Celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary by not doing much of anything other than making a geeky Portal love bento. It was still good though, we saw The Adventures of Tintin as a family and that was a great movie.

Speaking of bento, I've been wondering if I should start posting them on here, but to be honest I'm not sure if anyone is dying to see them and I'm fine leaving them out so hmm, I guess it'll depend on the mood.

I did get a lot of really great feedback for my Rarity MLP bento so that was nice. I like knowing it's more than just my Friendslist humoring me :D

This is the 100 year anniversary of the Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind (where I work) and we kicked off the celebration today by having a big assembly and parade at the University of Arizona (where the school was first located). The elementary kids were too small to walk the parade (about 3 miles and during their lunch time) so we just took the bus back to the school but at least they enjoyed all getting to wear special anniversary shirts and attending the festivities at the University. Apparently we're going to be having little celebrations all year so that'll be pretty awesome. I'm already SUPER excited for October, when Homecoming comes around. 

Trying really really hard to get back on my sleep schedule for school but it hasn't been going very well and I'm tired at all the wrong times (in the afternoon when I get home) and awake at all the wrong times (around 1 a.m.) it's quite frustrating. But nothing caffeine pills haven't been able to fix in the mornings.

This Friday we're going to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3D (which also includes the new Tangled short)! YAAAAY!

How's everybody else doing?
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WOW I AM SO MISERABLY BEHIND ON THIS. I have three days to catch up on now :(

Day 2

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

How bout at least three fanwork creators?

Elements of Life - The first Tony/Pepper fic I ever read that singlehandedly made me ship them like crazy.
Platinum - Tony/Rhodey fic. Lord, how I love reading their back and forth banter done so well.

Birdsong - Probably strange for me to link to a WIP fic that has only two chapters but it's really one of my favorite AtLA stories ever. Probably the ONLY fic that's ever made me really like (and feel for) Mai. It's just beautifully written.
Strictly Business - A Zutara AU taking place in a cutthroat, Wall Street-esque setting. I love the way all the AtLA characters are translated in to modern day adults and it's just one of those stories that draws you in. Also unfinished, but quite long and lovely thusfar.

By far some of the neatest Dr. Who fanart stuff I've ever seen. He's even received props from the BBC for his Bastard Who webcomic. It's a pity he's not better at drawing attention to himself, as he's super talented and more people should be checking him out. Here's his first SuperWho (a Supernatural/Dr. Who crossover comic) art piece.

SuperWho Classic by *JamesRiot on deviantART

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This is fabulous and wonderful and seems like tons of fun :D I recommend it to everyone!

DAY ONE: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

Join me on this little walk into my old LJ alias down memory lane, won't you?

Thou Shalt Not
This was THE VERY FIRST original song I did for a fandom prompt, as well as the first for Zutara. Really, I think this was like the 3rd song I'd ever done for AtLA so that's pretty exciting too. This was the song that gave me the realization of, "Hey, I think I actually like writing Zutara better than other things...omigod I have PREFERENCE in my fanworks!"

I never gave enough props to this song. I hate hate HATED the original crappy recording so I sort of pushed it aside for years because of that, but I've dusted it off and reworked the wonky sound and now that I like the music I can appreciate the writing again.

Thou Shalt Not by girl_named_sam

Zuko Bento Box
Ironically, this was probably more of a huge turning point in my bento-making rather than my fanworks but not by much. This was the work where I found out that I loved the intricate planning of food related to fandom. Thinking of colors and trying to work in fandom favorites and jokes into my food art just made both sides of it more fun than ever.

Facing Demons
Ughhh I never got a better title for that either. This was my first AtLA fanfic, and probably the longest one I've done to date (anything more than a drabble crushes me into bits). It was another time that prompts gave me the chance to look at new character interactions and I still really enjoy the idea of Song's caring nature being put to use post-finale.

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Nothing quite like the first day of the new year, when everything seems absolutely obtainable and fantastic. I made the best $10 investment ever last week and bought a collapsible stepstool for Sierra to use in the kitchen and now she can get her own bowl out of the cupboard and fix herself cereal for breakfast (she usually eats one bowl at 7 a.m. and another at 9 a.m.) so I've been able to sleep in late the last few days YAAAAY. We had delicious lunch at the truck stop which included black-eyed pea soup so now I feel like I've got some extra luck :D

My nose is still sort of wonky from having an awful headcold last week. Every so often I get a bad sinus/cold thing and it either kills my sense of smell for a few days or messes it up completely. Apparently my nose is messed up because everything smells like something else. Last night pizza rolls smelled like buttered brussel sprouts. Today a cardamom and cloves scented candle at the bookstore smelled like plumeria flowers. It's sort of entertaining and annoying all at once. Hoping it goes away soon, because it's awfully hard to cook food like this O_o

But yesterday I joined Fitocracy which is sort of like a cross between Facebook and Xbox Live for fitness. I really had zero expectations for this site but so far I like it a lot. I'm not so much for the social networking/broadcasting (really, do I need to make a Twitter announcement every time I do a set of crunches? Really?) so I skip those options but I do enjoy the "Quests" they set out for you, since most of my problem is deciding what/when to work out. If anyone's interested, I'll give more updates as I go on with the site in the future.

ALSO on the subject of fitness, I found A 5K ZOMBIE OBSTACLE RACE that I absolutely, positively want to try. I've kicked around the idea of a 5K before (when I helped my bro-in-law train for the Border Patrol academy we ran 3-4 miles a day) but never liked competing against "real" runners. NOW I CAN COMPETE FOR SURVIVAL. For some reason this really, REALLY pleases me. They've got one scheduled in October in San Diego, which is only about 6 or 7 hours away from me, so that might be really fun.
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Two more hours left in 2011 for me! Brooks had to work an all-night inventory and Sierra's still too little to stay up late (and besides, we don't have cable so we can't watch any countdowns anyway) so it's just me and the computer ringing in the new year.

I wish I could remember what (if any) resolutions I had made but I don't think I really did anything specific. I know I made some headway on our finances and drank tons more water (which I'm almost positive was on the list) so that's good?

Quick calculation of 2011's activities:

-Changed Jobs: 2 times
-Changed addresses: 2 times (if you count living with my parents for the month in between moves).
-Costumes made: 4 (Korra, Mario, Luna, and Captain America)
-Miles moved: 719
-Weight lost: 10 lbs *FISTPUMP*
-Songs recorded: 21
-Bentos made: 43

I sort of bombed out on the songs/bentos as compared to last year but I blame the 3 months of complete insanity due to moving. I think that's fair, don't you?

Plans for 2012:

-Costumes: 7.5 (updating the Korra costume is only a half-work I think :P)
-Lose at least 10 more lbs
-Finish/release an album to iTunes (seeing as I was supposed to have done this last year, should not be hard to finish up, right? I hope?)
-Work on documenting my bentos better, now that I have a nice camera (ALL I NEED NOW IS PATIENCE TO TAKE PICTURES LOOOOL)
-Learning ASL, hopefully getting my Deafblind certification (I really don't think I'll get it done in one year but I'll take any real progress for it).
-Mastering Grade 2 Braille

It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this list, and what sort of crazy and unexpected things 2012 throws at me. I'm glad I get to share the adventure with you guys (as well as getting to read about some of your adventures too) though! Hope you all have a wonderful new year!
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There are few places better to spend the week before Xmas than in an elementary school. It's basically been a 5-day blur of cookies, hot cocoa and various holiday themed shenanigans and sing-alongs.

We played reindeer games (heehee) in P.E. a few days ago. It's basically tag, in which one kid gets is Santa and the others are reindeer and Santa has to tag them all. Santa has to "Ho ho ho" loudly and reindeer have to make reindeer noises (which, by popular vote, ended up being something between a horse neigh and clown giggles). The problem is not that blind children can't play tag. The problem is that blind children like to cheat at tag by whispering their noise so that others don't know where they are. Which means we have to run alongside the cheaters shouting "NEEEEIIIIGH HEHEHEHEHHH" at the top of our lungs to make it a fair game. So maybe it was good that we were all full of sugar.

Went to the school library and found a new Sharon Creech book in Braille to read over the holiday break. I am ridiculously excited about this, I can't even explain. 

In less joyous news, my parents got stuck in El Paso due to icy roads closing the interstate. They're going to try again tomorrow, when it should hopefully be warmer and safer. Also, Sierra is getting a cough, but nothing some cough drops aren't handling. Just need to keep an eye on it and at least she can stay indoors for a while.

I will hopefully be making all sorts of fabulous yummy things in the next few days. Pictures whenever I actually start figuring out how to empty my new camera :P

EDIT: I am bouncing back and forth (and cross-posting) between DreamWidth and LJ for now so I can keep up with everyone, so it doesn't affect much, but if anyone wants to add me on DW my name is the same there.
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So apparently LiveJournal is finally descending into the unusable abyss? I'm just glad that Dreamwidth has the same format so I don't have to relearn new things because I'm old and set in my ways, dammit.

Which means I get a new, new start? I don't know. I have no idea what's going on half the time on the internet anymore. I find that when I remove my "MUST GET ONLINE AND BITCH/RANT" habits, there's an awful lot of blank spots in my blogging history. Which (at least so far) has seemed to make me more positive overall? Or maybe being positive gives me less to bitch about? Chicken and egg story there I guess.

Either way, I'm pumped for the new year and all the fabulous possibilities it brings. YAY LIFE, WORLD, EXISTANCE, ETC. ETC. ETC.


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